Making a whole lot of Difference

Through our innovative, solution-centric, holistic, joyful initiatives,  meaningful impact, and beautiful transformation.

Get Involved, Make a Difference

Our Core Initiatives focus on 

  • Sustainable or Green Education

  • Sustainable Lifestyle

  • Sustainable Consumption & Production

  • Green Celebrations

  • Sustainable Livelihoods

  • Green Advocacy & Research

At Prithvi Innovations, we work compassionately, responsibly & consistently to drive

Sustainable Growth & transformation through inclusive, innovative, Green ideas, 

Green Advocacy, Research &  Green Actions.

Today’s talk is all about “green” that universal symbol of value, respect, and concern for the

life-sustaining processes and cycles of the natural environment system, of which we all are a part.

Holistic development requires that we urgently reduce our ecological footprint by

changing the way we produce and consume goods and resources.

Our Sustainable Education & Lifestyle core program connects one & all to adopt, support & promote eco-friendly living based on waste minimization, resource efficiency,

caring & sharing as one big community.

We impart Green Education, Skill-Building, Consultancy, Training, Eco-services to promote

Low Carbon, Minimalist, Zero-Waste lifestyle, Zero-Waste Celebrations based on our

core principles of 12 'R's of Insight, Action & Transformation.

Through our 'Bhoomija' Zero Waste Home Store, we strive to create & mentor local, green social enterprises & provide Green Livelihood, a better Environment, better Health through conscious Green Collaborations with individuals & institutions, in line with the 17 Global Goals or  SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

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Our Impact


Greener & Cleaner



Increase in Sustainable

Livelihood &

Zero-Waste Lifestyle


 Reduction in Food Wastage

& Hunger 


Increase in Sharing & Caring as a Community


Better Health due to reduction in garbage

The Outcome of our 12 'R's


Worth of Livelihood support provided during Covid19.


Native & fruit trees planted to combat Climate change.


Food packets served to the hungry during Covid19


Cloth masks made & distributed during Covid19


Workshops conducted on Sustainable Lifestyle & Education


Bird water baths installed on World Sparrow Day.


Under Guthli Bank seeds of Jamun, Shareefa, Mango, lemon saved & replanted per year .


Meals served from Annapoorna Rasoi every year to provide food to the hungry.


Gomti River Clean up drives conducted in last 3 years pre Covid19. 


Individuals provided Green Livelihood support during Covid19.

Our Core Initiatives

Our initiatives are Solution Centric, Innovative,Holistic & based on multi-dimensional approach and perspective.

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    Sustainable Education & Lifestyle 

    Support us with Smart Phones

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    Zero Waste
    Green Celebrations

    Call us for Green Celebrations 

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    Plantation & Clean Up Drives

    Our Initiative


    Please Come & Plant with Us

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     Zero Food Wastage &
    Food for All

    Our Initiative


    Gift a Meal for the Hungry. 

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    Clean & Green Rivers
    ( Nadi Sanskriti)

    Join us for Clean Ups

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    Stay Healthy. Safe Safe

How We Work on the Ground

Our mode of working is an innovative mix of multi-dimensional approach and perspective that leads to joyful learning, meaningful impact, and beautiful transformation.

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Bhoomija E-Shop

Bhoomija is a ZERO WASTE HOME Store by Prithvi Innovations that provides Green Livelihood to rural women  & youth to promote Sustainable Lifestyle & Green Celebrations, in line with the Global Goals.

At Bhoomija we create with passion, beautiful, handcrafted, upcycled green gifts & multi-utility items for you. 


Himanshu Kumar

Tata ConsAltancy Services at Peterborough, United Kingdom

I remember the first time I was introduced to Prithvi Innovations, was way back in 2005. I was very impressed with the kind of work happening for the less fortunate children in education, environment, health and hygiene, all very important areas. Whether it is basic Computer and English language literacy, or conducting cleanliness and plantation drives, craft workshops etc. Prithvi Innovations has a very holistic and creative approach towards these initiatives. It is also evident that the agenda is not only about upgrading their skills but also about sensitising young minds, how actually it should all begin. And over the years, what impressed me most is the sincerity of purpose and untiring dedication with which Anuradhaji and her team has been involved with her endeavours. Scale does not matter always. It is those tiny little steps, that give birth to change and lead to transformation. Though I moved out of Lucknow in 2012, and was not involved with Prithvi, on a regular basis, but got to know about the good work, off and on. I am sure that Prithvi Innovations, under the able leadership of Anuradha, will go a long way, in creating a happier world.

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Watch us In Action