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Neighbours envy, owners pride.

Another great and cool idea to reduce your carbon footprints by adopting upcycled home decor & Garden Care.

1 pack of innovative, handcrafted two Planters.

Yes our beautifully handcrafted upcycled tin, plastic and earthen planters are a treat to the eyes and Mother Earth. This festive season or on New year buy socially safe eco-friendly planters to let your plants bloom from the roots. Cute, appealing and beguiling planters are offered at a reasonable price to add positive vibes of your house. Varieties offered from hanging planters to table pot-like planters, you can choose your own taste.




  1. Innovative
  2. Artistic
  3. Ideal For Gifting
  4. Handcrafted
  5. Colourful
  6. Upcycled


Plastic Planter

1 Gram
  • Please share with us your bulk requirement & we can  work out the costs accordingly to make it not to be missed deal for you, as we want you to lead others by being a Minimalist, one who saves resources and promotes upcycling & local craft & reduces wastage.

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