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Nayi Dishayein-Sustainable Education & Lifestyle Project (online/offline)

Nayee Dishayein is a multi-perspective flagship program of Prithvi Innovations, with a number of sub-programs and projects running under it. It basically aims to EDUCATE-ENERGIZE-ENGAGE-EMPOWER children, youth, and women from rural and deprived communities. It raises their self-esteem and helps them to become confident, assertive, and responsible for their actions.


It helps them to discover their Dreams and guides them to work hard and consistently to realize their dreams too.

All the above efforts under ND help to build synergies for personal satisfaction and enlightenment to promote social upliftment and environmental balance through the following ways :

  • FORMAL & INFORMAL EDUCATION ( provides holistic, inclusive, and innovative action-oriented education to rural and slum children around IIM road with special focus on ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY)

  • SWAYAM- Online & offline LITERACY PROJECT – ( Digital, Functional, Adult literary and Computer Literacy campaigns for Rural India )

  • Prithvi Preet Prerna – (educational support to many children to help in their over-all development)

  • Vocational Training and Guidance

  • LIFE-SKILL & Personality Development Activities

  • Film-shows

  • Educational trips

  • Fun Workshops

Few of our Past Campaigns & Projects 

1) BRIDGE Training program
Under this program, we provide Awareness, Avenues and Assistance to youth from rural and weaker section to enhance their knowledge, develop their skills and capacity, provide them in-house training in customer care and in various functional areas We are an approved training centre to provide training under BOSCH’s Bridge program.

2) TEACH INDIA campaign of Times of India
Times of India associated with us for it’s Teach INDIA campaign. Under this campaign a huge team of volunteers joined and helped in educating the children from rural and deprived communities at our various centres, identified for this purpose. It was an enriching experience for all.

3) Preet Prerna Kendra
Under this program we create opportunities and build platforms to engage children from under-priveliged communities into meaningful fun-learn educational activities, (by making use of various mediums like music n dance, art-craft, theatre, puppets, games, visits, melas etc..) to help in their over-all development and to make them confident, assertive, independent aspiring HUMANS. To show-case talents, display special skills and art work of these children by organising major events and programs throughout the year on special occasions.

It was formed under the guidance of Lion Yash pal Kapoor and Mrs. Anuradha Gupta of Prithvi Innovations and with the support of Lions Club Lucknow Prathistha to promote

  • Leadership – Develop skills as a project organizer, time manager and team leader.

  • Experience – Learn how teamwork, cooperation and collaboration can bring exciting changes to your community and the world.

  • Opportunity – Make friends and feel the rewards of community service.

In the rural children and youth to enable personal and social growth and fulfilment.

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