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Born & Inspired by Mother Earth

Expressing our Love, Gratitude & Respect to Mother Earth

for it's generous & miraculous wonders.

Bhoomija is a Truly Unique Community Service Program.

Bhoomija is a ZERO WASTE HOME Store


Prithvi Innovations 

Bhoomija Zero Waste home Store is a Social enterprise by

Prithvi innovations to impart Green Education, to build

Skills & Capacity in green vocations, provide Eco-services & Consultancy & conduct Training programs & capacity building workshops on Environmental, Digital & Functional literacy with the ultimate aim to promote Low Carbon, Minimalist, Zero-Waste lifestyle, Zero-Waste Celebrations, based on our

Core Principles of 12’R’s-

Respect, Rethink, Redecide, Repurpose, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Revive, Reiinovate, Replenish, Rejoice.

We provide Green Livelihood (Vocal for Local ) to encourage Resource Conservation & Circular Economy and to help create happy, healthy, peaceful, Atmnirbhar & resilient communities & Smart cities.

 All our efforts under Bhoomija, contribute in more than one way to achieve the 17 Global Goals or SDGs.


You will Cherish Special Eco-gifts at Bhoomija Eco-Store 

Adopt, promote & support Bhoomija Eco-cloth masks, our Steel Crockery Bank, Eco-utility items like Homemade, natural organic compost, rich Soil Mix, Natural Biocleaners, upcycled Planters, Eco-seed pens, Seed note-pads, Seed calendars, Seed sweets, diverse eco-packaging options like upcycled Grocery bags, Cloth bags, upcycled Fancy Shagun potlis or Gift potlis , brown & white paper bags, Fancy paper Bags, upcycled cloth Folders or cloth file covers, handmade soaps, Eco-hankies, eco-gifts like stone art, upcycled greeting cards,

Eco-rakhis, Seed Ganesh Lakshmi Ji, Herbal Gulal, etc..

Our Festive Products

To help you switch to Zero-guilt Green or Eco-friendly Celebrations with Zero-Plastic, Zero-Wastages & reduced Carbon footprints we bring to you an innovative range of Eco-Gifts & utility items made wrapped with love & care in eco-packaging.  

Our Products Category

Adopt, Promote & Support Green Livelihood & Green Enterprises.

 Allow us to pamper you with our beautifully handcrafted, simple, local, upcycled, sustainable, and inclusive green gifts &multi-Utility items under our Bhoomija Program

  • Bhoomija
    Green Celebrations

    Adopt our very special, innovative Plantable Green gifts, like LED  Energy-saving Jhaaler, Seed sweets, Herbal Gulal, seed Rakhis, Celebrate in style. Spread Joy & well-being by leaving behind no waste at the end of Festivities.

  • Bhoomija

    Bhoomija Eco Cloth Masks are comfortable, breathable, washable & come in beautiful colors & designs to stay safe & to suit all moods & occasions.

  • Bhoomija Cloth Craft
    (Eco Packaging)

    Did You Know?

    Bhoomija Upcycled Cloth Bags & Grocery Bags in all sizes can help you reduce single-use plastic bags.

    Let's switch to eco-friendly packaging.

  • Bhoomija
    Garden Care 

    Use our homemade Natural organic compost as a soil booster, Natural Biocleanersers, Eco-Friendly Planters.

    Grow & eat healthy fresh food & make your garden green and beautiful.

  • Bhoomija
    Office Craft 

    Give green gifts this festival to your business partners (Eco-seed pens, Seed Calendars, Cloth file folders, Natural  Stone paperweight, etc.) and support Green Production.


  • Bhoomija
    Earthen Craft 

    Adopt Bhoomija Earthern Craft to support rural artisans & the traditions alive. 

    And enjoy a plastic-free environment.

  • Bhoomija
    Electronic Item

    On all festivals decorate your home with indigenously manufactured Bhoomija electronic items . Save Energy with our Solar Lanterns & Be vocal for local.

  • Bhoomija
     Food craft

    Enjoy our home-made, crunchy snacks & delicaries like Namakpaara, Shakkarpaara, Methi Mathari, Rice pappad, etc..& cherish gifting the same to your loved ones too.

Green Leaves

Every Time You Buy Bhoomija Green Gifts you contribute & support so many causes. Thanks

  • blog Zero waste.png

    Saving of Resources, Zero wastage &

    Zero Plastic Culture

    Our green gifts are upcycled, less plastic, & resource efficient. Plus they come in resuable eco-friendly packing thus prevent garbage from existing in the first place.

    Celebrate in style. Spread Joy & well-being by leaving behind no waste at the end of Festivities.

  • Sambhav.jpg

    Better Health & Clean,Green Environment

    Every order at Bhoomija Eco-store by you, ensures Good Health by reducing toxic plastic & single use disposables from polluting our land, rivers & air.

    Our organic homemade compost not only restores the health of the topsoil but also enables healthy food to grow right in your backyard.

    Thanks for caring.

  • Bhoomija-Logo.png

    Green Livelihood,Food & Education To Rural Women & Youth

    Every sale fulfils the basic objective of Bhoomija, i.e. to provide decent work from home, green livelihood support, food & education to rural & slum women & youth, to cope with Covid19 crisis.

    We appreciate your contribution in Atmnirbhar Bharat.

  • 78ae9e_07fd968d8af5484fb78c78671275a6ad~

    Responsible Consumption & Production &

    Circular Economy

    Every time you avail our Eco-services from our E store, you set an example of being a compassionate & Responsible consumer, who cares for the Planet & it's people.

    You inspire others to switch to sustainable consumption & encourage Green start-ups & social enterprises like us.

    Gratitude for being kind .

  • Umang logo.jpg

    Vocal for Local.

    Promoting Local Craft

    & Culture

    Every time you buy from our Eco-store, it reflects your inclination to preserve & revive the rich, vibrant, cultural practices & local, traditional art-forms & handicrafts.

    It shows your concern for Nature & the rural community.

    Your support for

    'Vocal for Local is praiseworthy.. 

We are honored & humbled by your visit to our Eco-Store.


The People & Process behind

Bhoomija Zero-Waste Home store

Go for beautiful, simple, local, handmade, upcycled, sustainable and inclusive green gifts under our Bhoomija Program



Thank you Prithvi Innovations for blessing our home with this wonderful gift of marigold plant.We began our Diwali celebrations with Upcylced Handpainted diyas from Bhoomija and offered prayers to Lakshmi ,Ganesh ji seed idols crafted by Bhoomija' artisans.

Thank you for making us a part of the Green initiative.

We donated the lanterns to needy families this Diwali. Thanks to Prithvi there'll be light in their dark homes too this Diwali 

Truly blessed an humbled.

By Rishi, Rhthym Krishnan & Family


"Caring & sharing as one big family is the only way to create

resilient communities & smart cities"

Prithvi Innovations


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