Bhoomija Zero Waste E-Store

Born & Inspired by Mother Earth

Expressing our Love, Gratitude & Respect to Mother Earth

for it's generous & miraculous wonders.

Bhoomija is a Truly Unique Community Service Program.

Bhoomija is a ZERO WASTE HOME Store


Prithvi Innovations 

Bhoomija Zero Waste home Store is a Social enterprise by

Prithvi innovations to impart Green Education, to build

Skills & Capacity in green vocations, provide Eco-services & Consultancy & conduct Training programs & capacity building workshops on Environmental, Digital & Functional literacy with the ultimate aim to promote Low Carbon, Minimalist, Zero-Waste lifestyle, Zero-Waste Celebrations, based on our

Core Principles of 12’R’s-

Respect, Rethink, Redecide, Repurpose, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Revive, Reiinovate, Replenish, Rejoice.

We provide Green Livelihood (Vocal for Local ) to encourage Resource Conservation & Circular Economy and to help create happy, healthy, peaceful, Atmnirbhar & resilient communities & Smart cities.

 All our efforts under Bhoomija, contribute in more than one way to achieve the 17 Global Goals or SDGs.


You will Cherish Special Eco-gifts at Bhoomija Eco-Store 

Adopt, promote & support Bhoomija Eco-cloth masks, our Steel Crockery Bank, Eco-utility items like Homemade, natural organic compost, rich Soil Mix, Natural Biocleaners, upcycled Planters, Eco-seed pens, Seed note-pads, Seed calendars, Seed sweets, diverse eco-packaging options like upcycled Grocery bags, Cloth bags, upcycled Fancy Shagun potlis or Gift potlis , brown & white paper bags, Fancy paper Bags, upcycled cloth Folders or cloth file covers, handmade soaps, Eco-hankies, eco-gifts like stone art, upcycled greeting cards,

Eco-rakhis, Seed Ganesh Lakshmi Ji, Herbal Gulal, etc..

Our Festive Products

To help you switch to Zero-guilt Green or Eco-friendly Celebrations with Zero-Plastic, Zero-Wastages & reduced Carbon footprints we bring to you an innovative range of Eco-Gifts & utility items made wrapped with love & care in eco-packaging.  

Our Products Category

Adopt, Promote & Support Green Livelihood & Green Enterprises.

 Allow us to pamper you with our beautifully handcrafted, simple, local, upcycled, sustainable, and inclusive green gifts &multi-Utility items under our Bhoomija Program

  • Bhoomija
    Green Celebrations

    Adopt our very special, innovative Plantable Green gifts, like LED  Energy-saving Jhaaler, Seed sweets, Herbal Gulal, seed Rakhis, Celebrate in style. Spread Joy & well-being by leaving behind no waste at the end of Festivities.

  • Bhoomija

    Bhoomija Eco Cloth Masks are comfortable, breathable, washable & come in beautiful colors & designs to stay safe & to suit all moods & occasions.

  • Bhoomija Cloth Craft
    (Eco Packaging)

    Did You Know?

    Bhoomija Upcycled Cloth Bags & Grocery Bags in all sizes can help you reduce single-use plastic bags.

    Let's switch to eco-friendly packaging.

  • Bhoomija
    Garden Care 

    Use our homemade Natural organic compost as a soil booster, Natural Biocleanersers, Eco-Friendly Planters.

    Grow & eat healthy fresh food & make your garden green and beautiful.

  • Bhoomija
    Office Craft 

    Give green gifts this festival to your business partners (Eco-seed pens, Seed Calendars, Cloth file folders, Natural  Stone paperweight, etc.) and support Green Production.


  • Bhoomija
    Earthen Craft 

    Adopt Bhoomija Earthern Craft to support rural artisans & the traditions alive. 

    And enjoy a plastic-free environment.

  • Bhoomija
    Electronic Item

    On all festivals decorate your home with indigenously manufactured Bhoomija electronic items . Save Energy with our Solar Lanterns & Be vocal for local.

  • Bhoomija
     Food craft

    Enjoy our home-made, crunchy snacks & delicaries like Namakpaara, Shakkarpaara, Methi Mathari, Rice pappad, etc..& cherish gifting the same to your loved ones too.

Green Leaves

Every Time You Buy Bhoomija Green Gifts you contribute & support so many causes. Thanks

  • blog Zero waste.png

    Saving of Resources, Zero wastage &

    Zero Plastic Culture

    Our green gifts are upcycled, less plastic, & resource efficient. Plus they come in resuable eco-friendly packing thus prevent garbage from existing in the first place.

    Celebrate in style. Spread Joy & well-being by leaving behind no waste at the end of Festivities.

  • Sambhav.jpg

    Better Health & Clean,Green Environment

    Every order at Bhoomija Eco-store by you, ensures Good Health by reducing toxic plastic & single use disposables from polluting our land, rivers & air.

    Our organic homemade compost not only restores the health of the topsoil but also enables healthy food to grow right in your backyard.

    Thanks for caring.

  • Bhoomija-Logo.png

    Green Livelihood,Food & Education To Rural Women & Youth

    Every sale fulfils the basic objective of Bhoomija, i.e. to provide decent work from home, green livelihood support, food & education to rural & slum women & youth, to cope with Covid19 crisis.

    We appreciate your contribution in Atmnirbhar Bharat.

  • 78ae9e_07fd968d8af5484fb78c78671275a6ad~

    Responsible Consumption & Production &

    Circular Economy

    Every time you avail our Eco-services from our E store, you set an example of being a compassionate & Responsible consumer, who cares for the Planet & it's people.

    You inspire others to switch to sustainable consumption & encourage Green start-ups & social enterprises like us.

    Gratitude for being kind .

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    Vocal for Local.

    Promoting Local Craft

    & Culture

    Every time you buy from our Eco-store, it reflects your inclination to preserve & revive the rich, vibrant, cultural practices & local, traditional art-forms & handicrafts.

    It shows your concern for Nature & the rural community.

    Your support for

    'Vocal for Local is praiseworthy.. 

We are honored & humbled by your visit to our Eco-Store.


The People & Process behind

Bhoomija Zero-Waste Home store

Go for beautiful, simple, local, handmade, upcycled, sustainable and inclusive green gifts under our Bhoomija Program