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Be Foodwise & Leave no Footprints ( Zero Food Wastage)

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In Indian culture, the spirit of ANNAAPOORNA has always being there, because there is a special Goddess ‘ANNAPOORNA’, whose work is to ensure and bless everyone with sufficient food, so that no one sleeps hungry.

We all can be ‘ANNAPOORNA’s, if we stop wasting food and start giving a meal to the hungry.
So how about being Prithvi’s ANNAPOORNA- A FOOD SAVER Cum FOOD PROVIDER, no matter your age, gender, occupation, region or religion or income.
So, what are you thinking?


Positive green actions to reduce food wastage begin with YOU and your own actions at home and then extend our influence to others in our community and beyond – such as



  • Schools – Colleges-Departments-Hostels

  • Fellow consumers, Food courts, Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants and Corporates etc.

SAYING NO TO FOOD WASTAGE makes not just you but our whole PLANET Richer, Healthier, Happier, and Lighter (stress-free).

Time to ACT now.

So let’s just THINK about it and be mindful of your food consumption patterns. Let’s






  • EAT SMART and

  • Reuse Smartly



Our ‘Be Foodwise & Leave No Food Prints’ program or ‘Annapoorna Jagriti Abhiyaan’ strives to address all the above concerns and challenges and invites you to join hands.

‘उतना ही लो थाली में, व्यर्थ ना जाये नाली में ‘
Be Foodwise & Leave No Food Prints (Save Food)

Our Program Outcomes:

Saving of precious natural and human and capital resources,
Cleaner-Greener and Healthier Surroundings ( reduce the pressure on Mother Earth)
Reduce the social disparity and poverty, Ensure to some extend Food security
Economic& Social Prosperity due to better utilization of resources.



Take the Zero-Food Waste Challenge & the Zero Hunger Challenge with us

  • Share specific suggestions as regards reducing food wastage-like what awareness activities and action projects can be taken up by you.

  • How you wish to contribute / support / promote the various awareness and action activities and be a Changemaker in reducing Food wastage in your organization and in other places too (please mail us at now).

a) If you are already an ‘Annapoorna’. Share with us your story on what all you do to reduce food wastage and since when.

b) If you are not a complete’ Annapoorna’ now. No worries. Here’s a chance to be one. Be a part of our BE FOODWISE & LEAVE NO FOODPRINTS program for Reducing Food Wastage and providing Food to the Hungry.

Let us know if you are planning to throw a party ( any family, social or official gathering where food is going to be served, especially lunch or dinner. We can help reduce food wastage at the party & also distribute the leftover good food to the hungry after the party.


Be ‘Prithvi’s Annapoorna’ & help and support us to reduce food wastage at these parties in our innovative style. 

 Contact us now. 


Besides reducing Food Wastage, you can also join us to provide food as given below:

c) Annapoorna Kosh or Food Bank- Food for All  

Gift a meal to the hungry and needy & Discover the JOY of Giving.
Register as ‘Prithvi’s Annapoorna Ambassador’ with us &
Open your own ‘ Mobile Grain Bank’ & Contribute to ‘Prithvi’s Annapoorna Rasoi’.

Yes, Be the proud owner of your own GRAIN BANK- ‘Annapoorna Kosh’….

  • to show that you care

  • to show that you are you feel sorry and are concerned about every grain (food) that is wasted &

  • to take a ‘Sankalp’( Hindi word meaning ‘pledge’) that you would like to compensate for this food wastage by donating a handful of grain as your generous ‘aahuti’ (Hindi word meaning ‘Giving’) to the ‘ANNPOORNA YAGYA’ and thus contribute to ‘Prithvi’s Annapoorna Rasoi’ to provide a meal to the hungry and needy children and old & disabled persons, at least once a month.


Who can start ‘Prithvi’s Annapoorna Kosh’

Anyone, anywhere either individually or as an Institute

  • who is sensitive about food wastage

  • who feels concerned about the huge social, environmental, economic national loss due to this massive food wastage

  • who feels morally and spiritually responsible, committed and sincerely wishes to do his/her bit in reducing ‘Food wastage’ and ensuring ‘Food security’ around him, starting from his home, then office, then his colony or immediate surroundings.

Anyone can start  ‘Annapoorna Kosh’ by submitting his/her interest to us.


 When can an Individual or an Institution start a Prithvi’s Annapoorna Kosh

It can be started anytime, anywhere by anyone, but especially when  you waste food ( includes all categories of food- raw, cooked, processed, cereals, spices) at home, in office, at social gatherings, in train, or planes or car, or just anywhere, for any reason, remember to resolve to contribute a handful of grain (rice or dal) in ‘Prithvi’s ANNAPOORNA KOSH’ and be a part of ‘Prithvi’s ANNAPOORNA RASOI’.


How can I start ‘Prithvi ANNAPOORNA KOSH’
Six simple steps to start  ‘Prithvi’s ANNPOORNA KOSH’ both in your Home/School/Institution.
First, as an individual and member of your family, you can start it at your home.
If you are part of an institute/ a school/ or a social club or a company

  • Motivate one and all to minimize food wastage at home or in the organization.

  • Float a mail/post a circular/ pin it onboard/share in a meeting-the idea of donating a handful of grain, on two Saturdays of every month.

  • Once you are ready, write to us ***expressing your interest and have the honor to become our ‘Annapoorna Ambassador’ & take your **CLOTH BAGs from us.

  • Now keep these two Cloth Bags or Container ( Prithvi’s ANNAPOORNA KOSH), in the kitchen at home or at the reception or Main gate, to collect the grains-one for Rice & one for Dal

  • Call us on the 25th of every month to inform us that your monthly collection is ready.

  • On 26th of every month, send us the grains collected in that month by your institute or

  • Inform us if you are able to identify poor, needy, hungry children under 8 years or old, disabled, or abandoned people in your own area, where you would like us to organize ‘Annapoorna Rasoi’ and provide a meal to these people.


Join and support us to serve hot, nutritious Khichdi prepared from your collection at ‘Prithvi’s ANNAPOORNA RASOI’, either in your area or in the areas identified by us.
Ensure that everyone contributes at least a handful of rice and dal at least twice a month.

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