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Gomti Gaatha –

Weekly River Clean-up & Nature Workshop at River Gomti

Inviting all River lovers or Nature lovers for a Date with the River.


Reviving Rivers-Reviving Hope 

Pre Covid19, Prithvi’s Gomti Gaatha’ was a very engaging and much sought after weekly community mobilization drive for weekly Gomti River Clean-Up (or shramdaan ).

It comprised of a very innovative & interesting series of hands-on eco-workshops or Karmshaala, Swachta-shaala ( Clean up around the river bank), Bhaktishaala ( offering gratitude to the river for it's a precious gift in so many ways), Gyaan-shaala ( information sharing by Experts, Scientists, Environmentalists) and Abhivyaktishaala ( Expressing our thoughts, experiences, and views through poetry, dance, music, art work-Kala-shaala, Kaavya-shaala , Nritya-shaala), around the Gomti River banks for 1-2 hrs. It was an activity full of learning, fun, action & transformation and it left everyone completely enriched. 

We initiated it on 1st Oct.2017, (on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti).

The aim was to motivate and mobilize one and all to connect with the Gomti river and to feel its pain and stress and make efforts to clean it, revive it’s lost glory, and to commit to caring for it on a consistent basis.

From 1st Oct.2017 till June 2019, we had been consistently organizing clean up every Saturday and Sunday at Gomti River Ghaila pul, on Hardoi by-pass road. Later we shifted the Clean-Up drive to Jhulelal River Bank as heavy rains disturbed the original site to a great extent and it was not safe to invite school children there.

Anyone could be a part of this weekly clean up. The schools especially brought their students ( from class 6 to 12) for ‘Gomti Gaatha’ by choosing any Saturday of the month, convenient to them. 

Each workshop was open for a minimum of 2 schools, with a minimum team size of 8 to 15 members each.

More than 40 school partners, Institutions, and 500 plus volunteers joined hands in this initiative on a regular basis.

We will soon resume this River Clean-Up drives, once the Covid19 situation is over. 

Till then, share your thoughts on the river Gomti and how we all can keep it clean & safe from plastic and other toxic waste.

We would love to have you for River Clean Ups , as we know you care for your River & would like to keep it clean & healthy. 


Call to all Water Smart Citizens to Conserve Water.

Join our Jal Yatra initiative.


“Leave no one behind”.


Time to Commit & Connect to Conserve Water.

Celebrations for us mean Concern, Commitment, and Collaboration for thoughtful actions on ground.

Under our Jal Yatra initiative, besides our year-long efforts to save water and reduce water pollution, we celebrate World Water Day every year & request everyone to remind themselves and their friends, family members, and helping hands at home and outside to be Prithvi’s Water Smart citizens and try their best to minimize water wastage and save every drop so that nobody is left behind and everywhere people have access to safe drinking water.

We invite all to share their picture or message of what they do in their daily life to save precious water.

So be a part of our Jal Yatra initiative & share with your friends and request them to share their videos or pictures or messages too.

Click a 30 seconds videos of your action and post either here or at our Facebook page or at

Embroidered Globe Badge
Launch of Prithvi's Green Sustainability Awards-22-23
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