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Join Us as Prithvi Mitr

 We have members from all walks of life across bounderies

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Be our Valuable Prithvi Mitra


Donot just Dream about change but Design and Deliver it.
Let’s experience the joy of working together to add value and beauty to life around us. Be our honoured member. Be our all time precious friend ..our Prithvi Mitra.
Explore the unique opportunities with us to build strong bridges of personal and social growth and enrichment.


The organization comprises of the following:

  • Founder Members –members who had formed PI , are were first signatories to the Memorandum Of Association and also form a part of the Governing Body.

  • Executive members- all other members who have been the members of Prithvi Innovations for the past 8 years or more.

  • Individual Member- students members ( age 9 years to 24 years) of various schools, colleges and other vocational & educational institutes. Adults ( 25 years and above) or Professionals from any field like academicians, managers, govt. officials, CAs, Cost Accountants, Entrepreneurs, Bank officials, Doctors, Business men, Engineers etc. who wish to be actively involved and contribute their time, energy, resources etc..

  • Institutional Members- any corporate, educational, professional research or social organization and University.

  • Supporters- Individuals who wish to provide financial support but are short of time.

  • Mentors- Any nationally or internationally known expert in any field or area, may be invited by the Governing Body to further PI’s objectives as defined in Memorandum Of Association.

Membership Contribution

Five Years
Institutes (Educational/Education/ Research/ Social)
Rs.10/ day= Rs. 3650
Rs. 12000
Student ( age 9 years to 24 years)
Rs.1/ day = Rs. 365
Rs. 1800
Corporate Sector
Rs.15/ day= Rs. 5475
Rs. 20000
Individual ( 25 years and above)
Rs. 5/ day= Rs. 1825
Rs. 8500

Bank Details

Prithvi Innovations
Account No-10070398457
State Bank of India, IIM Branch, Lucknow
IFSC Code- SBIN0010175

Our organisation is approved U/S 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961 (F.No.CIT(E)/LKO/80G/2015-16/6129 dated 12.10.2015

Any member is free to contribute over and above the fixed membership contribution any time of the year for any running project or activity.

Code of conduct & Termination rules

What we have to offer to our Members:

  • Opportunity to be a Changemaker.

  • Unique, meaningful opportunities to contribute to a cause close to their heart and to make a difference.

  • to participate in various multi-dimensional activities and programs for continuous self & social development and growth.

  • Strength of conviction in one’s abilities, goodness of togetherness and overwhelming feeling of satisfaction, and happiness.

  • Networking with professionals from various disciplines..

  • Vibrant platform to voice their concern, display their creativity, exhibit their skills and competencies in areas of their choice.

  • Due recognition of their achievement, sincere acknowledgement of their support and constant encouragement to work smart .

  • Media recognition, attractive prizes, awards, certificates, appreciation letters on exemplary work.

  • Honour badge / Membership card

  • Feature in Prithvi Mitra Collage & Celebration of their achievements by sharing it on our website with their picture.

  • All members are requested to kindly deposit their annual or five years contribution by 10th April every year, either through online transfer to Prithvi Innovations account or by debit or credit card.

  • In case of any delays, they need to inform the Secretary, well in advance, through a written note.

  • All members would receive the official receipt against their contribution by 20th April every year. They are requested to inform Prithvi’s Coordination desk if they donot receive the same within the given time.

  • Any member of the society who works against the interests, objectives and reputation of the organization will cease to be its member.

  • The Governing Body shall have full power to take such decision.

  • A member of the society including a founder member shall cease to be a member of the society if 1) he/ she dies, resigns or becomes of unsound mind, becomes insolvent, or is convicted of a criminal offence. 2) if he/ she does not attend three consecutive meetings of the Society/E.C. However, if he/she submits or sends prior written information to the President or Secretary mentioning proper reason for his/her absence, his/her membership may be continued. 3) if he/ she fails to pay the subscription or dues to the society continuously for three months after the due date.

Corporate and Institutional members can partner with us for any CSR projects.

  • We will be happy to assist them in strengthening their CSR activities.
    All members can avail of tax exemption for all contribution against memberships/ subscriptions /sponsorship or donations

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