Sustainable Waste Management 

On Earth Day 2019, Prithvi Innovations initiated its ‘WOW’- 8 days Green Challenge as part of it’s SAMBHAV-Waste Management Initiative  in collaboration with Lucknow Nagar Nigam

 Are you eager to see the Green Magic knock your door?

 Well then, take an 8 days challenge of being a Green Hero and be the proud winner of an amazing ‘WoW – The Green Miracles’ Kit & Green Certificate by Prithvi Innovations in collaboration with Lucknow Nagar Nigam on the occasion of Earth Day celebrations (22nd Apr.2019 onwards).

You are in for wonderful green surprises and a cherishable green journey from home to farm or farm to home.

Best wishes and congratulations in advance. Please send a mail to or WhatsApp at 9415009158 if you wish to take part in this challenge, so that the details can be shared with you.

All those who fill this form will be entitled to a Green Certificate too.


Mrs. Garima bags the First Green Award as the first Winner of the “8 Days Green Challenge” as part of Prithvi Innovations WOW-Green Miracles Program

 Many many congratulations to dear Ms. Garima for her sincere concern for the environment and her consistent effort to be a conscious and responsible Eco-citizen. We are extremely delighted to have you as a first proud recipient of this very special Green Award, introduced by us on Earth Day, last year.

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