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Sustainable Waste Management Program

In collaboration with 


Prithvi Innovations welcomes you in its 'SAMBHAV' -Sustainable Waste Management ( SWM) program.

This program is full of exciting, engaging, enabling, empowering simple little green acts of understanding and treating one's household waste with respect and sensitivity for the waste pickers, so that all resources are used optimally and disposed of in a sustainable manner, leaving our surroundings clean &  healthy and providing decent livelihood to the Waste pickers too.

Bhoomija- our E-Shop & Our Green Livelihood program ( that supports the livelihood of more than 25 rural women ) is a direct outcome of this initiative. Please visit our Bhoomija E-Shop to see how the discarded garbage could be transformed into rich organic compost (an amazing nutrient for your soil and plants), into beautiful, multiutility items, planters, gift boxes, and whatnot. 

Based on our principles of 12 'R's - Rethink, Redecide, Revive, Repair, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse or Repurpose, Replenish, Recycle,  the program introduces a lot of innovative ideas and ways to educate & mobilize the residents, students, community members, including Corporates to better manage their garbage, to conserve resources, to reduce their carbon footprints, to reduce, reuse, upcycle & recycle  & dispose of their daily garbage as sustainably as possible and make it zero.

Together let's create, cleaner, greener, healthier, happier & peaceful surroundings.

Please stay connected for all updates & write to us if you wish to introduce this program in your colony or society or office.


On Earth Day 2019, Prithvi Innovations initiated its ‘WOW’- 8 days Green Challenge as part of its SAMBHAV-Waste Management Initiative  in collaboration with Lucknow Nagar Nigam

Are you eager to see the Green Magic knock on your door?

Well then, take an 8 days challenge of being a Green Hero and be the proud winner of an amazing ‘WoW – The Green Miracles’ Kit & Green Certificate by Prithvi Innovations in collaboration with Lucknow Nagar Nigam on the occasion of World Environment Day-5th June 2021.


You are in for wonderful green surprises and a cherishable green journey from home to farm or farm to home.

Please send a mail to or

WhatsApp at 9415009158 if you wish to take part in this challenge so that the details can be shared with you.

Mrs. Garima received the First Green Award as the First Winner of the “8 Days Green Challenge” as part of our WOW-Green Miracles Program

last year.

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