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We are a strong, diverse, inclusive, cohesive group with multi-skills & expertize.

Our team consists of amazing individuals and Professionals & Institutions from various fields & background. They bring in diverse abilities and capacities. Some of us are idealists and dreamers, some are methodical and cautious, some extremely creative and intuitive while some quiet and dedicated. What brought us and keeps us together is our passion to create,  deep commitment to be responsible & compassionate citizens and a heartfelt desire to care for our Planet & it's people in whatever we can and the conviction and confidence that together we can create  Sustainable Communities & Cities & drive Green Livelihood & Green Lifestyle. 

Our Core Team

Our Bhoomija Team

Anuradha Gupta

Founder cum secretary

Rashmi Chaturvedi

Vice President, Prithvi Innovations

Namita Srivastava

Founder cum secretary


Youth Member, Prithvi Innovations

Sunita Srivastava

Member, Prithvi Innovations

Sharmila Singh

Member, Prithvi Innovations

Prasenjit Singh

Prithvi Mitr

Nilopher Sadri


Leena Singh

Prithvi Mitr

Sangeeta Agarwal

Prithvi Mitr

Sanjeev Mishra

Prithvi Mitr

Our Annapoorna Community Rasoi Ground Team 

Komal Sharma



Cr Sonali Agarwal
Lucknow Ladies Circle 84


Janardhan Mishra


Ravi Rawat


Nipurnh Gupta

Our Annapoorna Team is blessed to have 15 Armed Forces Personnel and their amazing spouses who are contributing regularly to our Annapoorna Community Kitchen ( Rasoi) since 1st July 2020. 
 Maj General Reena Bharadwaj, Lt Col Sirisha Anne, Mrs. Sanghamitra Roy, Mrs. Priya Mansingh
Mrs. Garima Sarangbharti, Dr. Preethi Thyagaraja, Mrs. Manisha Sharma, Mrs. Vandana Singh
Mrs. Upasana Goswami, Mrs. Nandini Dwivedi, Mrs. Payal Arora, Mrs. Irina Vats, Mrs. Namita Shrivastava
 Mrs. Ruchi Daryan, Mrs. Aarti Kaushik

& their logistic helping hands (drivers)
1. Sepoy Sumit Tomar 2. Havaldar Joon Phukan

We also have with us as our valuable Contributor Mr.Piyush Agarwal from The Lucknow Round Table

& Cr.Sonali Agarwal with her team of Lucknow Ladies Circle 84 ( 2020-2021)

Our Swayam Team - Online Education Program for Rural India 

Aditya Raj Mangalam

Shobhana Srivastava

Garima Agarwal

Aparna Srivastava

Aloka Bannerjee

Rita Kumari

Pasqueen Kasi

Kriya Tripathi

Our Design & Promotions Team


Shreelata Krishnan

Ganesh Dey

Prithvi Innovations


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