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Umang-Green Celebrations

On special invite by Mahindra Sanatkada Festival Lucknow (MSLF), to help them with innovative, practical green ideas and actions in their Go Green Campaign, Prithvi Innovations team happily initiated it’s Wow Green Miracles campaign as part of it’s Sambhav program on 29th Jan.2020.

Together let’s hope that green efforts will result to raised awareness both amongst consumers and producers in the Fest and help us all to contribute to Sustainabe Development Goals, especially goal no.2,3,4,12,11,17.

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Prithvi Innovations really appreciates the concern, commitment for Environment shown by the Organizers of MSLF, especially Askari ji & Madhavi Kukereja ji and their entire team.

As put in by Dr.Rashmi Chaturvedi, Vice President, & Anuradha ,Gen.Secretary,Prithvi Innovations, ” It’s really great to see Askari ji so sincerely trying to reduce plastic waste and spreading awareness through cloth bags, matkas the festival. We are happy to collaborate and help them with some interesting green actions on ground too, like Zero Waste Kitchen , by composting their green kitchen waste from 29th 4th Feb.

Also we will try to raise awareness on reducing Food Wastage, and minimizing single use plastic ,and Water Conservation through small innovative choreography and informal activites in between the festival.”

We are thankful for their support and zeal and hope we will be able to offset some carbon footprints through our combined green efforts for five days.”

We are also extremely thankful to our Green Youth Ambassadors who are helping us in this are Janardhan ,Kriya,Shabnam, Nikita.

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Launch of Prithvi's Green Sustainability Awards-22-23