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  • Bhoomija's bird house is handcrafted with Love and care by our nature loving rural team, to provide nice, comfortable, beautiful home to our little birdies. 
  • It's high in demand and is loved by children as well as adults.
  • We also conduct amazing online workshops to Protect Birds
  • It is a perfect home for them ❤️
  • And comes in four bright colours like red, yellow, green and navy blue.
  • It's good for outdoor installation.
  • We can customise the art work on the bird. But please allow us a week's time to paint the art work of your choice.
  • It has been made keeping in mind all necessary aspects to suit the birds.
  • It can be placed in any garden your window grill, balcony or backyard installing it is as easy.
  • The back slot can be used to hang it on a suitable fixture or a tree or wall.
  • The birds might take few days to few months to use the nest box as they ensure its safety and comfort level for their new ones.
  • it’s a natural process and depends upon the presence of birds & trees in your locality and also food and water source around the nest.. 
  • Do not change the place frequently and install it within climbers or shrubbery on a wall or on tree
  • It's a good idea to keep food and water pot too a little away but close by to the bird house.

Rs.300.00 per piece with 250 gms bird food


We also make upcycled bird houses on demand.

Bird House

Colour options
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