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  • Our government is stressing to keep our surroundings clean  from harmful plastic waste. What are you doing for the same?

  • Bhoomija in its campaign is not only providing livelihoods to rural artisans but also sensitizing people to reduce the usage of single use polythenes.

     For this reason, we have come up with these fancy eco-packing options - the beautiful upcyled hand bags, bags, in different sizes, & styles, made out of cloth, with a promise to hold more of your worries and reduce our plastic garbage by using upcycled cloth bags for all our needs.

  • Perfect for Wedding Season - Not only for gifts, these make fantastic bags for parties, Carrying capacity 1-3 kg weight | You can use these bags to carry ,cosmetics products, gifts, garments and other fancy items.



1. Ideal For Return Gifting

2. Upcycled

3. Eco-friendly

4. Handmade

5. Multicolour

6. Zero waste

Fancy Multipurpose Eco-Gift Bags

1 Gram
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