Health in our Hands(Health camps) & My Green Periods' (Sustainable Menstrual Health, Hygiene & Happiness Webinars & workshops)

Join our online series of Green Webinars on Sustainable Menstruation, initiated by us on Menstrual Hygiene Day 28th May 20, and take back, Green insights, Green Gifts & Guilt-Free Green Lifestyle Choices to beat #Corona &  get Valuable Insights Into #environmentfriendly alternatives to #menstrualhygiene & #menstrualhealth.


Come & explore with us Green Alternatives which are safe, Plastic Free, Toxin Free, do not produce waste,  attempt to tackle the issue of human rights and dignity of manual scavengers, are affordable &amp.


They can be made accessible to our less fortunate friends too with your support & thus enable all  Females to enjoy & rejoice over #Guilt-FreeGreen Periods and contribute to #SustainableDevelopmentGoals of #GoodHealth,#Better Environment, #Justice,#GenderEquity,#Safe Land & Water,#Reduce Poverty, promote collaboration


We initiated a special series of Webinars, Titled: My Green Periods on Sustainable Menstruation as part of our Online Nature Carnival.

So far we have held 7 Webinars of the series, since  28th May and created quite a Green Wave 

We invite you to be a part of this amazing Green Journey with us.

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