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Bhoomija Upcycled, beautiful,handcrafted Tyre planters.   

Made with old tyres. The arrangement shown in the above picture is made up of 4 tyres.


All you really need for this is a strong wish to save the old tyres from being burnt and generating toxic gases and crazy thought of leading by example by setting one such cool, innovative arrangement in your own garden and inviting others to join hands too.


Respect, Rethink,Refuse,Repurpose, Recover,Recreate,Reduce, reuse, recycle –  you’re hitting all these with these fun planters! Whether it’s an herb garden or organic veggies you’re planning, tyre planters are the way to go! Use tyres as décor for already potted plants by creating a tyre terrace. Mixing and matching colors between the pots and tyres will make an even more interesting effect. 


The colour and pattern on the tyres can be customised .

we will need atleast 15 days time to deliver the customised design after order confirmation & advance payment.

Ideal for adding that extra cool innovative green touch in your gardens, park, lawn, terrace,etc...

Please note, the  displayed price excludes the cost of plants. we can add the plants and the cost will depend on the kind of plants required by the client.

We can offer to plant medicinal plants, evergreen herbs, succulents, or seasonal flowers or even vegetables. We can offer a whole range of greenery to relish and use too. 



1. Upcycled

2. Beautiful 

3. Attractive

Upcycled Tyre Planter /Garden Eco-Decor

4 Grams
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