• Plants make people happy. And if you are the one who loves plants, then our completely natural and nutritious homemade compost will allow your plants to grow happily from roots to tips.
  • Completely organic our compost is made in a homely environment, keeping in mind the process of formation for basic natural compost and is the most sought after item.It smells and feels great and is very healthy for your plants & Mother Earth too.
  • It replenishes the top soil and breahtes life intot the soil, improving it's fertility by leaps & bounds. It improves Soil Aeration & Water Holding capacity. 
  • Every 2 Weeks apply our homemade, nutritious compost & soil mix to your plants & cherish as you see them grow.
  • Packed in resusable cloth bags or plastic containers, which are returnable, hence reduces plastic waste too.




  1. Organic
  2. Nutritious
  3. Soil Booster
  4. Fragrant
  5. Handmade
  6. Natural
  7. Eco Friendly

Home-Made, 100% Natural Compostt

2 Kilograms
  • Please share with us your bulk requirement & we can work out the costs accordingly to make it not to be missed deal for you, as we want you to lead others by being a  Green Hero of Zeroes, one who saves resources and promotes composting & better & sustainable Waste management by upcycling, reduces wastages & littering.


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