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18 November 2020, 6:30:00 pm

Annapoorna Community Rasoi


Fresh, home cooked , nutritious meal was served to around 110 slum community members, including children in Janakipuram area by

Prithvi's #AnnapoornaCommunity Kitchen an initiative by #Prithvi Innovations to end #Hunger & provide food for all & #reduceFood wastage.

This was 71st Rasoi since the launch of #AnnapoornaCommunityFridge on 1st July 20

Every Thursday a group of spouses of Armed Forces, Lucknow, support this food drive, for which Prithvi Innovations is grateful to them.

Rajkumari, Ramrati and Aman from Prithvi's team distributed the food and also motivated the children to wash their hands and offer prayers before eating and reminded them not to waste any food.


Other Details

Embroidered Globe Badge
Launch of Prithvi's Green Sustainability Awards-22-23