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Shubhangi Bajpai

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Shubhangi Bajpa

Course – BA from Isabella Thoburn College 2nd year

Meet our volunteer Shubhangi, an amazing Animal Lover and Green Champion of Change Maker.

Let’s hear Shubhangi interesting Journey & meet her small cute furry family.

“I feed 8 dogs, 2 cows, 1 calf twice everyday☺☺”

I grew up watching discovery and national geographic and so I always loved animals, not only dogs and cows but every animal.

5yrs back, when I came to Lucknow, a bitch used to come to our house everyday. Maybe she lived here when our house was in construction. So we gave her the last roti made and whatever food item had been left with us, named her ‘Amma’.

But after few weeks, she disappeared. I got panicked because I thought she might got killed or something. But one day, when my mother went to one of her friend’s home, she found her with her newborn babies.

We took all of them, build a house out of cardboard boxes and bricks.

Soon, I adopted one of the pups, welcomed him to our home. Since then, I feed Amma’s children and grandchildren. I also spayed Amma’s two daughters. It’s been 5yrs and we didn’t miss feeding them a single day.

Soon, word spread among animals and my family grew bigger and bigger.

I also feed birds, butterflies and bees as they are important for eco-system too.

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