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Nilashma is an Engineer by education and has worked as Faculty in Engineering College. 

From last three year, she has been living low environment impact lifestyle i.e Zero Waste Lifestyle and that is how she came to know about us.


She is a passionate Prithvi Mitra ,as she started making Bioenzyme, compost (still on trial & error phase), practising minimalism, alternative for plastics at home/ society.


As expressed by her, "Its a journey of thousand miles and i am learning to live Sustainable with Prithvi.

Anuradha Ma'am inspire me a lot.


As a Prithvi Mitra, i feel so motivated & enriched eversince I have met Prithvi Innovations and it's been sheer delight to volunteer for  some of the social  and environmental causes  Prithvi works for.

I am thoroughly enjoying meeting like minded people.

Recently I felt very happy that I was able to offer food to the hungry ,on my daughter Anika 's birthday on 21st Dec.2020 through  Prithvi's Annapoorna Rasoi.

I have also been a part of River Clean up and Plantation drives organized near Gomti river in 2019.

I really like the zero- waste Celebrations and Steel Crockery Bank idea of Prithvi and have participated in it too.

My continued association with Prithvi keeps me happy and satisfied. It feels more like a family now."

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