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Prithvi’s Steel crockery Bank is another innovative Green initiative by Prithvi Innovations , under it’s ‘Sambhav’ ( Sustainable Waste Management ) to promote Green Lifestyle , Green Celebrations & Good Health & contribute to Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) Zero Hunger (#2)
Good Health and Well-Being (#3),
Sustainable Cities and Communities (#11), Responsible Consumption and Production (#12),
 Life on Land (#15).
Clean Water and Sanitation (#6),
Decent Work and Economic Growth (#8).


This is to help one & all contribute to Swacch Bharat Mission too by being responsible Green Consumers & Producers & minimize food waste & reduce the generation of huge amount of single use plastic & thermocol disposables like glasses,spoons forks,cups,done,plates etc..& provide a simple but complete solution to the severe problem of waste generation,collection, transportation & disposable after any personal, social,religious or corporate events or program like birthday, conferences, Mundan ceremonies etc..and make every event a green or eco event.

The Beginning:

As put in by Anuradha Gupta,Founder of Prithvi , ” the idea behind creating Prithvi’s Steel crockery Bank is provide  reusable steel crockery or cutlery on rent during any event where refreshments are to be served, to say goodbye to single use plastic, paper and other disposables like glasses,cups,spoons,boxes done,thermocol plates etc..and thus motivate all to make their events & celebrations green & Zero Waste events.”
We initiated this idea this year during the occasion of Bada Mangal in June 2019, where we started requesting the organizers , especially around IIM road, to go for Eco Bhandaras as this would really please Lord Hanuman.
We gave them the option of borrowing steel glasses,bowls,spoons from us during Bhandara against refundable security deposit”.

Green Outcome & Impact:

Up till now ,since June 2019, Prithvi’s Steel Crockery Bank has not only reduced more than 3500 disposables glasses, 3500 spoons,plates etc.. from polluting our land,water or air by lending steel crockery from our Steel crockery Bank in 4 Bhandaras and other small social & cultural events later,personal birthdays but we also spread the message of saving water, no food waste and no plastic to more than 3500 people so far, which makes us happy & hopeful of bigger impact in the time to come.
As an innovative way to motivate people to adopt steel crockery bank, Prithvi’s team also plants a tree or sapling near the Gomti river in the name of the event organizer who borrow our crockery .
As expressed by Dr.Rashmi Chaturvedi ,Vice President ,Prithvi Innovations,
  “Happy to share that the idea was very much appreciated by both the Organizers & the devotees ,as at the end of the Bhandara, what was left was clean surroundings, no pile of messy disposable plastic glasses,food waste etc..”

Note of Gratitude to our Supporters:

We are thankful to Prithvi Mitr Sharmila ji from Dehradun, Mr.Y.B Kaushik ji Regional Director of  Central Ground Water Board, Dr.Ashutosh & Dr.Rashmi Chaturvedi & Sri Brijesh Singh of Sure Memorial Public School for supporting us in many ways.
Future Plans:
We started with 250 steel glasses,steel spoons and 100 steel quarter plates.
We have plans to have this bank in most of the areas of Lucknow, so that people find it easy to borrow our crockery close to them.
 So far we have our Steel Crockery Bank facility in four areas, IIM road, Indiranagar & Nehru Vatika,Aliganj & near Jopling Road with the kind support & help extended by our Prithvi Mitr Nilashama taking care of the Indira Nagar area ,
Prithvi Mitr Namita Srivastav, Aliganj area and Dr Rashmi Chaturvedi of Jopling Road area & Anuradha Gupta  IIM road area.
We are very hopeful that by next year we will have our crockery bank in more than 10 areas and we will have served more than 50 events and prevented more than 15000  plastic & paper disposables from polluting our land,river & atmosphere.
So let’s make our celebrations & events green & Zero Waste ( free from food ,water,plastic & paper wastage).