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Let’s switch to this hand made fabric mask to reduce the scarcity of surgical Masks & leave them for the Health workers & Cleaning staff.  
Introducing BhoomijaPrithvi’s Green ANTI – DUST/POLLUTION MASK
Keep yourself & your loved ones protected from pollution & dust with our Bhoomija Eco-friendly, Unique, Anti-Dust, Breathable  Fabric Masks. They are Hand-designed of Multicolour, Unisex, Comfortable, Soft on the skin, cause no rashes or itching
One can wear this at the office, workplace, home, public places, etc..
USP of our Bhoomija’ Green masks is that they can be used again and again by just washing in hot water and soap every night and drying in a clean place under the Sun.
The idea is to protect ourselves and also Nature by minimizing ‘Use and Throw’ practices, Single-use disposables, and promote resource conservation, Zero Waste, Reuse, and Renovation and circular living.
This mask protects the skin from pollution, dust, sun, etc..
Easily foldable when not in use.
Reusable after having a disinfected wash.
Long life.
Approx. size 8 x 5 inch 
Made with love to support  rural women under our 
‘Health in our hands’ & Green Livelihood program.
These Eco-friendly, Zero-Waste, Green Masks, were initiated by Ms.Anuradha Gupta, our Founder Secretary, and being made by Rural and slum women .This project is a part of our Bhoomija’ – Green Livelihood program to
#ProvideSocial &economic empowerment
#Protect the Health
And much more..
We have been doing Food Donation and Green Masks distribution for the past two weeks and feel there is a strong requirement of these Masks.
We would really appreciate if you could kindly support these Green masks and take from us for giving to general masses ( who cannot afford)especially daily wagers, promoting these for routine use for non-medical activities. All coughs and sneezes are not so serious but it is very Hygienic to use simple cotton masks during a common cold 😷. while moving outdoors, working in a kitchen or doing other domestic tasks.
Also, it’s important for them to know that these masks are not medical or surgical masks but a way to protect from
1) normal dust and air pollution and pollens
2) to prevent the touching of mouth and nose again and again at the time Corona pandemic
3) to protect the other person from your breath or sneezing or cough etc..thereby preventing the spread of germs and viruses.
4) these are good for all of us who are moving out on roads, or working in an office or at home,or playing in Fields, like Cleaning staff, Newspapermen, rickshaw pullers, security, gardener, but not so meant for Health workers or nurses who are attending the Corona Patients.

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