Prithvi’s team with Nat Basti at Ghaila, sharing the message of Education and Cleanliness


As part of Nayi Dishayein’ program Prithvi’s team once again visited Ghaila village to sensitize and motivate the Nat community to send their children to school from this session. Ms. Anuradha held a small session with the community members and tried to motivate the parents to take responsibility for their children’s education,health and safety,proper growth and sent them to primary school and Aganwadi, rather than sending them to beg or roam purposeless.

Around 16 families members got motivated and gave their children’s name for admission. Prithvi’s team noted their names and age and invited the Senior teacher of primary school, Shrimati Asma ji to interact with the parents. Asma ji educated them about the importance of cleanliness and assured them to enroll their children in Apr 2019. Sunita ji,Youth coordinator from Prithvi Innovations informed that from Shivrati, Prithvi’s team will try to hold fun and learn classes for all children if Pradhan ji helps in provid ing some space in the school for the same.

Later she distributed around 25 kgs rice from ANNAPOORNA Rasoi to all families. Clothes donated by Avadh Girls Degree College were also distributed to all families as part of Darbar-e-Khushie.

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