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अन्तर राष्ट्रीय जैव विविधता दिवस (22 मई 2020 , शुक्रवार):

जैव विविधता का संरक्षण ही मानवता परम धर्म है । प्रकृति ही हमे सुरक्षित रखने मे समर्थ है । जैव विविधता के संरक्षण का संकल्प ; हमारे जीवन हेतु एक मात्र विकल्प ।

A very special, Invite full of love and care to our dear Human Spieces

Get ready for the launch of our Online Nature Carnival today at 2.55 pm..

Our first coming together not just virtually but in spirits and green actions on ground.

We are too excited to unwrap all the amazing eco fun activities we have lined up for you from today..

Post your entries on our Facebook Page or Whatsapp us on 9415009158 or 7985766230

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