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20th March World Sparrow Day
21st March – World Forestry Day & 22 World Water Day,

O Ri Chiriya Mere Angana Aaja Re’- Online & Offline Campaign to Save Trees, Save Sparrows & to Save Water by Prithvi Innovations, Lucknow

As part of it’s consistent green efforts under it’s
Green Education, Green Lifestyle and Green Celebrations program,
Prithvi Innovations, Lucknow initiated three months long compassionate green campaign from 15th March 2020 to mark World Sparrow Day, World Forestry Day and World Water Day Celebrations this month.

As put in by Ms.Anuradha,Founder of Prithvi Innovations,
” Our entire campaign reinforces the strong interconnection between all the themes, hence the need to care for our precious resources like air, land, water and Biodiversity .
When we plant trees, we not only provide home to numerous spieces and birds but also invite rains and recharge the ground water, prevent soil erosion and thus protect our water bodies too.
Likewise the Sparrows help in pollination and also help in maintaining the balance in Eco- system.”

Hence under it’s Prithvi Utsav campaign,
Prithvi Innovations is conducting series of offline & online Eco-workshops and Sessions, titled ,” O Ri Chiriya Mere Angana AaJa Re'” to ethuse, educate, engage and enable all age groups , especially children, Youth and Women groups ( both Urban and rural) from 20th March onwards.

The workshops are full of music,theatre, story telling, art ,craft and loads of fun , sharing& caring , joy and contentment.

One such workshop was organized recently where children along with their parents created beautiful bird houses from waste material , took part in edutaining games and role plays on Save Sparrows ,Save Trees and also pledged to conserve resources and increase the green cover around them.
Lot of valuable information about sparrows was also shared in the workshop.

Besides, due to Corona Virus outbreak, we are running online eco-contests , as we feel that it’s a good way to make use of ones time at home in meaningful and constructive way, to remain positive and hopeful to help one practice self isolation and social distancing too as well as to cope with the stress and negative pressure of Corona outbreak.

We would be awarding Special Awards and Honours & Certificates to all those who
make Innovative Bird Nest, Bird Feeder, Bird Baths, set an example by planting trees or conserving ponds, water etc.. and submit their photos and videos ( 30 sec.)of their green actions .
We are receiving many photos and videos from Contestants across Lucknow,.
The names of some of the contestants who have shared their wonderful Ideas & efforts to Save Birds are
Abeer, Mohit, Pari Rashi ,Athrv Gupta, Shree , Khyati, Dhriti,Rajat, Sanya,Chitra ji, Deepti, Indu,Smita, Tanuja Nikita, Dr.Anchal, Suman hi, Julie, Nipurnh, Anuradha, Sharmila, Vinay Lodhi, Harsh,Swati, Garima,Preeti,Neelashama and many more.

Kriya, Prithvi’s Youth Coordinator is compiling all the photos and videos to be presented on Earth Day.

As shared by Dr.Rashmi Chaturvedi, Vice President of Prithvi Innovations, ” With God’s grace if things get normal, like every year, we have plans for a Grand Eco celebrations on 22nd Apr.Earth Day, when we will felicitate and honour all Green Heroes ,Bird Lovers, have an Exchange of Green Stories and Experiences , hold an Exhibition of innovative bird nests, and lot more meaningful eco-activites and also measure our impact.
Plus we will inaugurate our work on Green Playgrounds for rural schools and Green Mini Forests. ,Earth Day Network, India Chapter and All India Radio, Lucknow joined hands as our supporting Partners .
Prithvi Innovations team is inviting
all schools or community groups and organizations to make little efforts to conserve the Sparrows and other local birds by making bird houses, bird Nests, Bird Feeder and Bird Water baths, to help the birds cope with the sorching heat as summer sets in.
They are teaching all how to make innovative bird houses, feeders etc..from waste material like plastic or tin cans, old broken cups, plates or pipes ,etc..

Conservation efforts by Prithvi’s team will continue throughout the year in various ways, like Plantation Drives under it’s Prithvi Utsav program, Waste Management & Upcycling Initiatives , making Green swings and Nature labs from old tyres, tubes and waste under it’s Sambhav Program, Reducing Food Waste under it’s Annapoorna program and like wise.

Anyone who wants to support these efforts is welcome to join us.
at 9415009158

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