Food – one more beautiful blessing from God.

Time to Save this Blessing. Time to Say No to Food Wastage at anywhere, anytime, at any place.

SAYING NO TO FOOD WASTAGE makes not just you but our whole PLANET Richer, Healthier, Happier and Lighter (stress free).

Food is a blessing for all of us, as it is our basic need, it satisfies our natural biological hunger and provides us energy and strength to work.
It’s sad that due to our insensitive attitude, thoughts, habits, behavior and lifestyle and lack of concern, all our Blessings are becoming a problem.
So is the case with Food.
It becomes a problem, if it is used to satisfy our psychological needs to show off our status, power and money,(the lavish food spread in marriages and big parties… a wasteful spill of more than 200 varieties to be consumed in just 2-4 hours duration), while millions and millions starve to death for want of one meal.

How does it feel????

A beautiful Blessing- a beautiful blend of precious natural, human, capital and social resources, tons and tons of hard work of our dear farmers and others going to waste.

Of course, it pains you beyond words…….it disturbs you,……….it shocks you,…it makes you boil in anger….it makes you shout it makes you rebel
but it also makes you pause and makes you reflect…….it makes you think……it makes you look within… makes you ACT….

How can one possibly waste food, when there are so many empty stomachs around us, little innocent children, old, disabled, abandoned people, dying every second due to Hunger & Mal –Nutrition.

The Genesis:

Little do we realize that the left-over or the FOOD WASTAGE at such a large scale, with such high frequency and on a regular basis ,glocally has become a serious cause of many other problems besides ecological degradation ,like – health hazards related to dumping and disposal of left-over food and related packaging material, the increasing social inequality due to rising ‘Use and throw culture’ or ‘culture of affluence’ or ‘culture of over-consumption, Resource crunch, problems of Hunger and malnutrition, i.e. scarcity amidst abundance, social and mental unrest and wars for control over resources. 

Greatly disturbed by this massive FOOD WASTAGE, all around us, on a daily basis, irrespective of the occasion, time and place, be it in the kitchen, or at the dining tables, or in the tiffins, or in the home freezers, or in school staffrooms, or playgrounds, or in the hostel  mess, or in the food courts, or in a retail shops or departmental stores shelves, or in office cafeterias and canteens, or at Hotels and resorts, or in cabins of aircrafts, or in the train compartments, in the vegetable market, or at street vendors and food-stalls and so on,Mrs. Anuradha started reflecting on the whole scenario to understand more precisely the root cause for this ever-increasing wastage, not just of Food but of all other resources too.

She started working sincerely on this issue of Food Wastage at the consumption end, talking to people about it, holding discussions in trains, planes, hotels, wherever she went.

And in beginning of year 2015, she submitted her Innovative ideas and her Holistic Action Plan to reduce food wastage at the consumption end, for the ‘Best Idea for Social Change’ contest launched by JANHIT JAGRAN, a outreach initiative by Dainik Jagran ,at Pan India level.

Her plan emphasized the need for positive and continuous nudging, education, awareness and multi-stakeholder’s engagement and empowerment through focused, practical and hands-on tools and strategies to identify points of food wastages and take the necessary action by one and all.

Her ‘BE FOODWISE & LEAVE NO FOODPRINTS’ Program laid the foundation for the need for Attitudnal, Behavioral and Lifestyle changes, strong Government Intervention to ensure Integrated Management of Food wastage at all levels in all sectors.

Her idea was selected as the best idea amongst all categories, by the eminent Jury of the Janhit Jagran ,as it showed strong co and inter-linkages with other themes and she was honoured with the award by honourable Prime Minister of India,on 10th Dec.2015.
Thanks to Janhit  Jagran and All India Radio, Lucknow for supporting this IDEA/ISSUE raised by Ms.Anuradha and for giving it a VOICE, A HOPE, a platform and the support to work on it.
With the help of the funds contribution ( the prize money after tax deduction)from Ms. Anuradha, Prithvi Innovations adopted this program and geared up to work on this issue. 


‘उतना ही लो थाली में, व्यर्थ ना जाये नाली में ‘
Be Foodwise & Leave No Food Prints (Save Food)

Program Outcome:

Saving of precious natural and human and capital resources,
Cleaner-Greener and Healthier Surroundings ( reduce the pressure on Mother Earth)
Reduce the social disparity and poverty, Ensure to some extend Food security
Economic& Social Prosperity due to better utilization of resources.


Program Objectives:

To go deeper into the ISSUE & CHALLENGES of FOOD WASTAGE.
To explore the present scenario of Food Wastage by different sectors-Households, Hospitality, Educational & Professional Institutes, Corporate Houses, Commercial sector, etc..with special focus on the  5’W’s & 1 ‘H’ (WHAT-WHY-WHO-WHEN-WHERE-HOW).
It aims to sensitize individuals and institutions

  • to be conscious of the adverse impact of their day to day Food Consumption patterns and LIFE-STYLE CHOICEs,
  • to help them introspect, think and re-think and become more informed, wiser and miser by adopting GREEN or Compassionate ATTITUDE, BEHAVIOUR and ACTIONS
  • to edit their FOOD choices and move to SUSTAINABLE FOOD CONSUMPTION CHOICES and LIFESTYLE, starting from self
  • to gradually influence their friends and society to do the same

Time to Care- Connect-Conceive-Create-Commit-

Our broad Action Plan is based on the principle of –Think Compassionately-Plan Scientifically-Implement creatively. It is a well –integrated, innovative Multi-perspective, Multi-stakeholder Plan to address the given challenge and makes use of the IEC tools of Research cum study-Awareness-Advocacy-Action-Assessment


Positive green actions to reduce food wastage begin with YOU and your own actions at home and then extend our influence to others in our community and beyond – such as

  • Schools – Colleges-Departments-Hostels
  • Fellow consumers, Food courts, Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants and Corporates etc..

SAYING NO TO FOOD WASTAGE makes not just you but our whole PLANET Richer, Healthier, Happier and Lighter (stress free).

Time to ACT now.

So let’s just THINK about and be mindful of our food consumption patterns. Let’s

  • EAT SMART and
  • Reuse Smartly

Our ‘Be Foodwise & Leave No Food Prints’ program or ‘Annapoorna Jagriti Abhiyaan’ strives to address all the above concerns and challenges and invites you to join hands


Take the Zero-Food Waste Challenge & the Zero Hunger Challenge with us

  • Share specific suggestions as regards reducing food wastage-like what awareness activities and action projects can be taken up in Apr.17 & thereafter
  • How you wish to contribute / support / promote the various awareness and action activities and be a Change maker in reducing Food wastage in your organization and in other places too (please mail to us at now).

Program Activities so far

Glimpses of some of our activities conducted so far under this program.

  • On 7th Apr.2017-Celebrated the World Health Day by conducting special morning assembly and held 2 workshops, to educate and introduce Prithvi’s Annapoorna Kosh and some action, as part of this program at R.K. Sr. Secondary School, Aliganj.
  • Started our Ist ‘Annapoorna Rasoi’ -on 7th Apr.2017-on World Health Day. (Every month we hope to have this Rasoi and provide food to the hungry children or old disabled people and we look forward to your support. Please register at Prithvi’s Annapoorna Kosh page).

Through our Ist Rasoi we fed around 160 children (age-3 to 16 yrs) and around 35 adults of a slum community from 25 kgs Khichdi prepared from 10 kgs rice & dal.
Our Ist rasoi was supported by Mr. Rahul of Rahul Café & all participants of Vividha program held on 7th March2017

  • Conducted the Save Food Activity at the dinner organized during 25th   Anniversary Celebration of Bharat Vikas Parishad.
  • Talks and shows on reducing Food wastage at All India Radio in various programs like Bal Jagat, Grih Lakshmi
  • Meeting with Dr. Tandon & Dr.P.K. Seth at Biotech Park to initiate the Annapoorna Kosh
  • Meeting with Dr. Uma Shankar to initiate in Eldeco Residential Society

 Some of the activities conducted in the past few months

  • World Health Day Celebrations in rural schools
  • During CUCAI meet at Ajmer, Rajasthan
  • World Environment day Celebrations at Regional Science City
  • Initiated the program at IIM students Mess,Lucknow.
  • Teachers Sensitizing Workshop at Study Hall, Gomtinagar.
  • World Population Day celebrations at JSS
  • With Clean & Green Society at pack n Chew, Gomtinagar
  • Sensitized the participants at Warangal,Telangana
  • Initiated the program with the teachers & students of ‘Go Green Club of Study hall
  • initiated the program at Pack n Chew, Gomtinagar with the support of Mr.Nitin
  • Sensitizing session for the staff of Pack n Chew, Gomtinagar
  • Shared the program with the CSR team of TCS & with Art of Living Co-ordinator and conducted the drive there by placing banners & posters.
  • shared the idea and program with the State Director, CII-Lucknow chapter
  • Ist Multi-stakeholders Meet at Biotech Park, Lucknow
  • Skit presentation during the annual concert of Beautiful Minds, Nirala Nagar,
  • Orientation & sensitization of staff at Casia ,Hazratganj.
  • Orientation and sensitization of  Eco-teacher Co-ordinators of all CMS branches sensitizing the students of Lucknow Chapter of Costs and Works Accountants (ICWA), Gomtinagar.
  • Initiated the program at school level with the support of UPPCB and SBI
  • Nukkad Natak on Food wastage by St.Antony Inter College during their Annual concert
  • World Food Day Celebrations by around 40 schools & by others like- TCS,  Casia, Genesis, IIM, many  schools, UPPCB, ICWA, Biotech Park, Regional Science City and many more…

Many more activities were carried out on a regular basis….

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