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Prithvi Innovations as a member of IPEN,and as member of South Asia Hub participated in ILPPWA by raising awareness about the toxic effect of lead on living beings and contributed it’s bit in collection of samples of local paints from UP for the purpose of the study conducted by Toxicslink,New Delhi,as given below:

Here is an update from Toxics Link on ILPPWA, 2018.

We observed ILPPWA, 2018 and apart from the radio show (shared with you earlier) we released the Lead in Paints, 2018 report on Friday.

A brief summary of the findings of the report:

To check the level of lead content in paints, locally manufactured paint samples were collected with the help of our NGO partners from nine states in the country (Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur and Rajasthan) and were analyzed using CPSC-CH-E1003-09 (Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) spectroscopy method in a NABL accredited laboratory (SPECTRO analytical lab. Ltd., Okhla, New Delhi). The study targeted the samples in two categories- manufactured pre-regulations and manufactured post regulations. The results found very high concentration of lead even in the samples manufactured after the regulations. A highest concentration of lead viz. 1, 99,345 ppm and 172921 ppm of lead was found in Addison(manufactures September 2017) and Flora (manufactured June, 2018) respectively. Few brands also had low lead content viz. 15 ppm in Indigo (manufactured August 2017) and 28 ppm in Home case glossy (manufactured September 2018).

In order to check the awareness levels, the study conducted two surveys- Consumer and Retailers. The surveys were conducted in eight states across the country (Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur and Rajasthan) with the help of our partner NGOs.

To understand the consumers’ perspectives towards Lead in paints, 160 consumers were interviewed and the findings clearly pointed to critically low awareness amongst them with only 16% of the respondents being aware on the issue of lead in paints. The lack of awareness can be attributed to many reasons with the most prominent being negligible percolation of information from the retailers with only 1% respondents mentioning to be informed by the retailers about lead containing/lead free paints.

For the retailer study, 20 retailers were interviewed. The study found low level of awareness about the issues associated with Lead in paints as well the regulation on Lead in paints. Only 32% retailers were aware about the presence of lead in paints and only 13% being aware about the national regulation on lead content in household paints. One of the major reasons of lack of awareness was minimal initiatives from the manufacturers end as only 17% respondents mentioned that the manufactures took any initiative to guide them on the issue. Since, the awareness is low; there is very little (7%) demand from the consumer end for the lead free paints.

Media coverage:

We are expecting some more press coverage in the coming days. Also, Guide Foundation for Development (GFFD, India) with support from Toxics Link conducted a school programme on 27th October to observe ILPPWA, 2018.

Here is the media coverage:

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