We believe that God has gifted us with an amazing Human Body, Mind and Soul which has infinite power and positivity, provided we value it, are thankful for it and take good care of it.
Individuals with sound or good Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Intellectual health can only build healthy communties and Smart cities.
One has to be in good health to take care of oneself, one’s family and one’s extended social responsibility.
Hence we organize variety of Holistic Health programs for children, youth and community people, especially rural and deprived communities, throughout the year, mostly in collaborations with Health experts.

As members of IPEN (International Persistent Organic Pollutants Elimination Network )and SAICM, we, also conduct awareness programs and sensitization workshops, about the daily exposure to harmful chemicals and concern about the long-term effects of chemicals on, both human health and the environment and ways to prevent their adverse on the health of children, pregnant women, fertile populations, the elderly, the poor, workers and other vulnerable groups.

We try to help in education, and information exchange on sound management of chemicals for all stakeholders.

We believe in SAICM policy that “the sound management of chemicals is essential, if we are to achieve sustainable development, including the eradication of poverty and disease, the improvement of human health and the environment and the elevation and maintenance of the standard of living in countries at all levels of development.”

Our programs range from awareness and sensitization programs to Check-up camps (Eye, Dental, Vaccination etc.), donation drives, Emotional and Spiritual well-being sessions and Fun and fitness exercises, Sports, Music & Dance workshops (Music and dance has great healing power).
We pay special emphasis on Preventive Health measures, which mostly depend on one’s attitude, Lifestyle, one’s Diet and Nutrition, Hygiene and Sanitation. Hence we always show the strong inter-connections between Education-Health- Environment and Socio-economic Empowerment.
We are in favour of Natural and Alternative therapies like Naturopathy, Pranic healing, Reiki and keep conducting special sessions on these. We invite you to be our SAVE LIFE AMBASSADOR and Volunteer to help us arrange Blood donation drive in your office/institute/society. Call us now.