Darbaar-e-Khushi’- by Prithvi Innovations
(Exchange of Kindness & Gratitude by the ProductionTeam of BBC TV Serial, ‘A Suitable Boy’  to Prithvi Innovations & vice versa ).
Jar Production collaborated with Prithvi Innovations to create a wave of Kindness on the onset of Christmas & New Year by donating huge quantity of costumes, clothes, footwear and saplings in pots before saying goodbye to Lucknow. ( The team had been shooting in Lucknow since June 2019 to Dec.2019 ).
Dr. Rashmi Chaturvedi, Vice President, Prithvi Innovations extended warm greetings & gratitude,on behalf of Prithvi Innovations, to Zoheb of Jar Production for their kind gesture and vice versa.
As part of it’s Darbaar-e-Khushi’ program, Prithvi’s team will be distributing these footwear,clothes etc..to the needy people in slums and rural areas.

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