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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Prithvi Innovations?

Anyone above the age of 7 yrs can join us.
We are an inclusive group and welcome anyone who has the urge and drive to give back to the society and is keen be protect Nature and wants to be a part of social innovation and change .

Irrespective of your location, you should be available on phone or mail or what’s app, and be eager to switch to eco- friendly living .

How can I become a volunteer in Prithvi Innovations?

You can apply for Volunteering by filling the Volunteering form on our website.
Anyone above the age of 8 yrs can volunteer with us, at any point in time and for any of our ongoing programs or even share and work on a new idea too.
You can also mail us or call us and express your desire to Volunteer, specifying the exact date , duration and program in which you wish to volunteer.
On receiving your email or call or form, our team will get in touch with you and request you to either come for an interview or assign you some task.

What are the registration charges?

The nominal registration charges for being an Intern with Prithvi Innovations are Rs.250.00 ( but it varies from program to program).
Most of our events or activities are free of charge. In case any event has any registration amount it will be disclosed in the Event Poster or document.

Will I be given a certification of working with Prithvi Innovations ?

Yes ,we are always grateful to all our Supporting hands and do acknowledge all the contributors and supporters from time to time,in various ways, as per the program and extend, frequency & duration of support or collaboration.
As a mark of our gratitude,we plant a sapling in the honour and name of our supporter.

Also we normally have a practice of giving E- Certificate to our Volunteers, depending on the program guidelines.

On special occasions and request hard copy of the certificate is also given.

How will I get notifications about the upcoming events?

You are requested to follow our
Upcoming & Ongoing Campaign page on our website for any new events.
Or you could subscribe to our mailing list or sent us a mail informing us about your interest in any thematic area and our Coordination Desk will keep you informed about the upcoming events.

How can I make Donations?

Donations can be made at any time of the year , of any amount ,in kind or cash either through Paytm or NFT transfer or by cheque or DD in favour of Prithvi Innovations, Lucknow.
One could also donate ones space,venue, vehicle, ones precious time,experience, skills, education and whole lot of other things which we need from time to time.
One can contact us for more details please.

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