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As part of ‘Gomti Gaatha’- Riviving Rivers,Riving Hope’, program of Prithvi Innovations, 85th River Clean Up drive (Shramdaan) was conducted at Rastogi Ghat, Gomti River bank, Lucknow, with the kind collaboration and support of BBC TV Serial, ‘A Suitable Boy’, Production team and the local community people .

The main aim of Gomti Gaatha’ program-,which started on 1st Oct.2017 is to bring all Stakeholders together, especially the local community, living around the river bank to be feel the stress our dear Gomti River and the little fishes,turtles and other spieces inside the river are going through due to excessive plastic pollution, drainage and carelessness and neglect by all of us and the need to correct our irresponsible habit of littering and lack of concern.

The volunteers from The Riding Hunters also joined in the drive and helped in recording the efforts .

Hence through this drive ,a strong bonding and connect with Nature, our beautiful Mother Earth and The blue Sky, the Ever giving flaura & fauna and life giving rivers were established by Mrs.Anuradha Gupta ,Founder Prithvi Innovations.

She briefed everyone about the four shaalas of Gomti Gaatha,
The Bhaktishaala, Karmashaala ( joint action- sharmdaan), Abhivyaktishaala, Jyanshaala which sensitize , engage and enable all volunteers and participants to shift to eco friendly living and take small green steps every day regularly to Breathe Clean and beat #air pollution ,#beatclimatechange#beatplasticpollution.

Ms.Lydia , the head of Sustainability Team of ‘A Suitable Boy’ congratulated everyone for coming forward for a good cause , which showed that they cared. And she encouraged the young ones to work on their dreams and not be afraid of anything.

Other team members from ‘A Suitable Boy’ ,
Will Johnston – Executive Producer
Nishith Dadhiech – Line Producer
Mahira Kakkar – Actor
Akash – Health and Safety
Chhavi Mongia – Production Secretary , participated with full zeal and energy in cleaning the ghat and motivated the local community through their sincere actions and humble words.

Shubham , Monica , Shabnam, Nikita, and few other youngsters & their mothers were honoured with the the Clean Up Heroes award by all and Dry Garbage bags and cloth bags were distributed as green gifts to all the participants ,to mobilize them to start separating their dry and wet waste and make compost of the green waste.

Saplings of Marigold were also given to them.
And site to plant few shady and fruit trees too next time was decided, as the place seemed barren and devoid of green cover.

The event was a complete Zero Waste event as no single use plastic disposables were used and no garbage was left behind after refreshments.

All banana peels and done were converted into compost on the spot and young team lead by Shubham was motivated to practise composting by handing over the compost bucket to them by Kriya from Prithvi’s Team.

The message of no littering and reducing food wastage and Being Annapoornas was also shared by Prithvi Innovations and everyone took a pledge too.
All participants were awarded certificates too.

The river bank looked cleaner and better after the Clean up drive and the participants were filled with new energy, hope and joy to take up more green actions on a Sustainabe basis at Rastogi Ghat step by step with Prithvi Innovations help and Jar Production’s support .

Thus the event made a new beginning in more than one ways and build a great bond of compassion and togetherness, with God’s grace.

Report by Prithvi Innovations

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