Handmade, Eco-friendly Beej Ganesh by Bhoomija

https://www.prithviinnovations.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/WhatsApp-Video-2020-08-19-at-8.27.27-AM.mp4 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all by Prithvi Innovations🌱💐🌱 Regards & Namaste to all who have requested and made inquiries for Seed Ganesh ji.. Thanks for your concern and thoughtfulness.🌱💐👍🏻 Like last two years this year too we are making Plantable Beej Ganesh ji. Regarding payment and cost of the murtis…please read below👇🏼 💐🌱💐💐🌱💐 Prithvi…

Annapurna Community Fridge

Annapurna Certificates We are happy to share a short report of one month of successful operation of Annapoorna Community Fridge ( 1st July Inauguration to 31st July 2020) Thanks to Ravi Rawat for documenting our efforts. Thanks to all Annapoornas for making this possible. Know More

Online Nature Carnival

Online Nature Carnival     अन्तर राष्ट्रीय जैव विविधता दिवस (22 मई 2020 , शुक्रवार): जैव विविधता का संरक्षण ही मानवता परम धर्म है । प्रकृति ही हमे सुरक्षित रखने मे समर्थ है । जैव विविधता के संरक्षण का संकल्प ; हमारे जीवन हेतु एक मात्र विकल्प । A very special, Invite full of love…

Invitation to Join & Organize Innovative Eco-Workshops to Care for Nature

Invitation to Join & Organize Innovative Eco-Workshops to Care for Nature  ( Our Associates Earth Day Network-India Chapter & All India Radio, Lucknow) होली के अवसर पर ,गौरैया को समर्पित  , पृथ्वी इन्नोवेशन द्वारा संचालित यह कार्यशाला, सब रंगों से भरी,जैसे संगीत, कला, विज्ञान,  कविता, कथा नाट्य, बहुत ही रोचक होगी। सभी पीढ़ी इस में…


Prithvi’s ‘Annapoorna Kosh’ or Food Bank is all about caring & sharing all the good food we have with children, people & families who really need it.
It’s a small step by you and us to
DONATE ANY AMOUNT OF FOOD Grains TO OUR FOOD BANK ON YOUR Special occasions,Festivals, Celebrations ,etc.. or just anytime ,whenever you wish.


Inviting all to plan ‘Zero Waste’ dining events .
Just call Prithvi’s Steel Crockery Bank and go green in all your events, be it small birthday parties, or kitty or Fairs, exhibitions, or Bhandaras.

Borrow on Rent, Use in your Event, Wash and return to us.

Experience the joy, contentment & peace of being a Green Hero of Zero Waste.🥉

No hassel of spending time & money on buying disposables ( biodegradable or plastic ,thermocol etc) & leaving behind a pile of garbage and worrying about polluting land,water and air.

Call Prithvi Innovations at 9415009158 for complete guidance & start your Green Journey now.

Thanks & Happy Event.