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Bhoomija is a ZERO WASTE HOME Store by Prithvi Innovations that promotes Green or Eco-friendly or Sustainable Consumption & Sustainable Production, Sustainable Lifestyle, Sustainable Livelihood, Green Celebrations and contributes in a great way to Sustainable Development Goals.
It supports social & economic empowerment, local economies, along with environmental protection.
Bhoomija stands for Rethinking, Re-use, Redesigning, Re-inventing, Re-innovation, Upcycling, Reducing wastages of precious resources & Plastics where possible.
It offers Safer, Toxic free, Cleaner & Greener choices to live Green(Sustainably) & Breathe clean.
Be the first to adopt BHOOMIJA and make it a part of your Life & support better environment, better education, better employment & better livelihood.
Time to come together to make Eco-living Possible.
Adopt, promote & support Bhoomija Eco-masks, our Steel Crockery Bank, Eco-utility items like Homemade, natural organic compost, Natural Biocleaners, Eco-seed pens, Paper coasters, Cloth bags, Fancy paper Bags, Folders, file covers, Bamboo Cutlery, Bamboo toiletries, Eco-hankies, Shagun potlis or Eco-Gifts, like stone art, greeting cards, Eco-rakhis, Seed Ganesh Lakshmi Ji, Herbal Gulal, etc..
Please drop a message to us if you wish to explore amazing green ideas for eco-innovations for CSR Projects, Consultancy, Training, Workshops, organizing Green Corporate Events, Corporate gifting, Personal, Social, Religious or Cultural Celebrations, Events, fairs, exhibitions.
We will help you give a unique Green or Midas touch to your program by saving resources, saving money, minimizing wastage and converting wastage generated in the program to wealth too.
Try our Green Ideas once, and you will get addicted to them.

Presenting Handmade, Plantable, Seed Rakhis to support Green Livelihood & care for Mother Earth:
Celebrate your special love for your brother by gifting our handmade Bhoomija Eco, plantable seed Rakhis this Raksha Bandhan

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