The foundation of our thoughts, actions, innovations, and approach lies on ‘10 Es’- We love to Explore, Experiment, Educate, Enlighten, Energize, Engage, Enable, Enrich, Enjoy, and Empower.

Our Areas of Work

  • ENVIRONMENT (Resource management and recovery Like recovering value from Food wastage, minimizing wastage of all resources, like Water, Biodiversity, Energy, Eco-innovations, Practise and Promoting 10 ‘R’s- Refuse-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-ReThink-Re-innovate-Revive-Recover-Re-act-Rejoice)
  • EDUCATION (Holistic-Integrated-Inclusive-Value-& Action oriented-Formal, Informal both)
  • ECONOMIC & SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT through Employability Enhancement (Life-skills, Soft Skills, Vocational, Managerial Effectiveness, Cost Effectiveness)
  • HEALTH (Spiritual & Emotional Rejuvenation-Yoga/Meditation, Blood donation drives, Check-up Health Camps-Dental/Eye/General/Women-specific, Lifestyle Assessment & Impact)
  • CULTURE & PEACE (instilling love, respect, understanding and appreciation of all art-forms, especially rich and diverse traditions and good socio-cultural practices, art-forms, music, dance, theatre, puppets, folk-tales. Also building inter-faith understanding, respect, and tolerance).

Our Methodology

Our mode of working is an innovative mix of multi-dimensional approach and perspective that leads to joyful learning, meaningful impact, and beautiful transformation.

It comprises of very interesting tools and mediums like

  • Awareness and Sensitization
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Design and Documentation
  • Studies and Surveys
  • Action Projects
  • CSR Initiatives
  • Consultative Meets
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Simulation Games and Exercises
  • Events & Workshops
  • Campaigns
  • Talk-shows
  • Field visits
  • Educational tours
  • Eco-Fairs
  • Cultural meet and melas
  • Celebrations & Felicitations
  • Radio programs
  • Inter-school meets
  • Theatre
  • Music/Dance/Art & craft/ Puppets
  • Eco-carnivals and fests
  • Bird-Watching
  • Run for a Cause

Our Beneficiaries

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Rural and Deprived Communities
  • Urban Communities
  • Educational Institutions, especially students, Teachers, Parents and staff of schools and Professional Colleges and Universities



Year-long environmental awareness, education, and action-packed activities, we prioritize mind, body & environment.


Educate-Energize-Engage-Empower children, youth and women from rural and deprived communities, get details about our Education section.

Culture & Livelihood

To engage people for understanding cultural aspect for social, economical and environmental cause, get to know more about Culture & Livelihood.


We believe that God has gifted us with an amazing Human Body, Mind, and Soul, are thankful for it and take good care of it.