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On 08th October (Vijayadashmi or Dusshera) at Julelal Vatikika,on banks of Gomti river,Lucknow. Prithvi Innovations joined hands with Lucknow Nagar Nigam to help and support better management of Pooja samigri & plastic & Polythenes used during Visarjan, as an extension of it’s ‘Gomti Gaatha’ (River Clean & Green Up Drive) & ‘Sambhav’ program.

As put in by Dr.Rashmi Chaturvedi, Vice President, Prithvi Innovations,

We feel happy that we could do our bit atleast in protecting our River Gomti from Plastic & Polythenes and also in safeguarding at least 600 out of 800 little saplings & trees we planted in the ‘Shanti Van’, around the river from July 2019 till 10th Sept. through our little efforts, with the support of Shri Mukesh Kumar Meshram, Divisional Commissioner, Lucknow, Shri Indramani Tripathi, Nagar Ayukt and Dr.Ravi Kumar DFO, Forest Department & our supporting Partners Shri Pradeep ji from Samvaad & ICSI, Mr.Amit Agarwal from United Way India PlogRun & Mind Space Solutions, Mr Jitendra Chayal from Green Pistons, Shri O P Sharma, Mohd Saad from ‘The Riding Hunter’, Mrs.Jyotsna Habibullah from Daan Utsav, Mr.Bhushan & Mr.Pankaj from Youth Hostel Association, Lucknow.

Mrs. Anuradha Gupta, Founder Prithvi Innovations, thanked everyone for coming together for the cause and further expressed,

“We hope that better and efficient way out for keeping our environment and rivers clean can come out from such innovations & actions on ground, which could be made into excellent Case- studies to highlight how we can protect our Rivers, Land, Trees and surrounding Biodiversity & life on land & in the rivers from pollution, provide Green Livelihood opportunities for local communities as well as keep our traditions and religious faith intact in principal & in practice too.”

As put in by Prithvi Mitr, Pradeep ji,

“Prithvi innovations team members played a special role in making people aware of Eco-friendly Visarjan and sensitized all those who were coming for visarjan to separate the Pooja samigri and plastic, polythenes,etc..i.e. to take out all clothes, chunari and other material, flowers etc. and hand it over to Prithvi’s Volunteers & team members separately before submerging their deity in water”.

It was the last day of Durga Puja festival and people from all around Lucknow came for Visarjan or submerging of holy deity of Godess Durga in Gomti river every year.

So,this year for the first time, that in Lucknow city, complete administration, Municipal Corporation, Pollution Control Board and Environment Ministry along with few voluntary organizations like Prithvi Innovations and many citizens gave priority to keep the Gomti river clean and free from the pollution caused due to idol immersion during Visarjan on Vijayadashmi.

Lucknow Administration digged several trenches at various ghats of Gomti in Lucknow for the visrajan process and filled the trenches with Gomti river water with motor pumps as a mark of respect to People’s faith and to protect the religious sentiments and traditions.

All vehicles of the organisations who came for Visarjan at Jhulelal Park were allotted with trench no. and they were guided to submerge the Durga ji idols (‘visrajan’ procees) at their designated trenches only, as per their turn to avoid rush.

Even there was a provision of lifting heavy deities during Visarjan. Prithvi Innovations engaged and empowered the local people and laborers and gave them the orange United Way Plogging kit & gloves and educated them how to segregate the things into biodegradable and nonbiodegrable.

These volunteers were placed at each trenches and under the guidance of Prithvi’s Team members, mainly Anuradha, Pradeep ji, Julie, Dr.Rashmi & Jitendra & Ashish from Green Pistons, they segregated Flowers, malas, books, calenders and other wastes like chunri or clothes and plastic, polythenes etc..and then disposing it at its appropriate places.

Thus this complete drive, to keep our Gomti clean from Visarjan practice, although first time in Lucknow was very successful and got the support from all.

We believe and hope many more backward and forward innovations are required to get our rivers clean and this could be a great learning opportunity for our young generation.

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