Prithvi Innovations Wishes All A Very Happy 2020

Let’s fill the New Year with Simple ,Kind Green Actions of Compassion & Love.

With New Year around the corner, it’s time once again for festivities,merriment and celebrations.

How about adding on to the excitement and fun by going for Green Celebrations in New Year with Prithvi Innovations.

New Year stands for caring & sharing, so how about caring for Mother Earth too as one engages in series of celebrations .
Let’s create a Green Wave and reduce our carbon footprints during this year by upcycling, planting trees, reducing food waste, sharing food with the hungry, adopting Prithvi’s Steel Crockery Bank, giving local, handmade green gifts, saying no to plastic decorations.

There are so many amazing options to add Green Ribbon to all your festivities,i.e to go Eco-friendly in everything you plan to do in New Year.

We, at Prithvi Innovations can offer you wonderful green options from organizing Green Parties, to Green Decorations, Green Gifting, Green Zero- Waste festivities.

It’s best time for families and friends to come together and share moments full of joy,love and togetherness decorating Christmas Trees, making goodies,visiting each other,organising parties,sharing gifts and lot more.

So what are you waiting for…Go Green on this New Year and surprise us with your green ideas of celebrating New Year in your own unique style .

We invite you to share beautiful pictures of your Green Zero Waste parties, Green Gifts etc…

So join us in this Green Celebrations & Green Giving as we welcome 2020.

Happy New Year.