The clock is ticking by….it’s an emergency…Air Pollution is up & rising..
It’s not just about our health but the health of our children and the old and already sick people too and more so about the health of lot and lot of unfortunate people who unlike us don’t even have safe and protected homes but are on streets,in slums ….it’s also about animals who cannot speak and have to silently bear the consequences….
Yes…it’s sad to see this change but it’s we who are responsible for it in some way or the way…so let’s do our bit to face it and come out of it strong…
Let’s increase the Green cover, adopt and care for trees around us and plant more and more and see that they survive…..if we want all of us to breathe clean ….
Let’s pledge to plant shady trees,where we can find the right space and pledge to care for them. Each one pledge as many trees as possible..we are many. So we can work together and act smart and fast…
and wear masks & walk for the cause…or come forward with more ideas to beat air pollution & to beat climate change.
Have a look at the tree cover country wise……..we can change this status.

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