Gift a meal to the hungry and needy & Discover the JOY of Giving.
Register as ‘Prithvi’s Annapoorna Ambassador’ with us &
Open your own ‘ Mobile Grain Bank’ & Contribute to ‘Prithvi’s Annapoorna Rasoi’.

Yes, Be the proud owner of your own GRAIN BANK- ‘Annapoorna Kosh’….

  • to show that you care
  • to show that you are you feel sorry and are concerned about every grain (food) that is wasted &
  • to take a ‘sankalp’( hindi word meaning ‘pledge’) that you would like to compensate for this food wastage by donating a handful of grain as your generous ‘aahuti’ (hindi word meaning ‘Giving’) to the ‘ANNPOORNA YAGYA’ and thus contribute to ‘Prithvi’s Annapoorna Rasoi’ to provide a meal to the hungry and needy children and old & disabled persons,at least once a month.


Who can start ‘Prithvi’s Annapoorna Kosh’

Anyone, anywhere either individually or as an Institute

  • who is sensitive about food wastage
  • who feels concerned about the huge social, environmental, economic national loss due to this massive food wastage
  • who feels morally and spiritually responsible,committed and sincerely wishes to do his/her bit in reducing ‘Food wastage’ and ensuring ‘Food security’ around him, starting from his home, then office, then his colony or immediate surroundings.

***Can start our ‘Annapoorna Kosh’ by submitting his interest to us.